The Greece Dream is Over, Get Back to Work

A view of St. John Theologos Monastery on Patmos Island, Greece on the easel
Painting of Patmos, Greece on the easel today, 9×12 acrylic on stretched canvas

So the Greece dream visit is over. Wonderful as it was, it’s done. August is almost finished as well, and it is high time I get myself back to making art. Being in Greece for any length of time and one can lose themselves in the beauty, the deep blues, the ocean, the light and white, the weather, the music, the food, the people..

Yeah, it’s all that, and more.

Work has been a struggle this past year. More than once I let my head get in my way. Life happens, yes, but it shouldn’t mean work, the blog, the whole thing, needed to suffer. Soon as my solo show was over I was spent.

Now that I’m home from dreamy Greece, and feeling a little better, days are my own for right now, artwork just has to happen. This week I pushed Mr. Resistance aside more than once to make sure I painted something, anything, to get into the process again. He wasn’t happy either.

Yes, I worked a little while I was away. No, it wasn’t any big deal, just some sketching in my Moleskin with watercolors a couple of beautiful beach days. I’ll show you soon enough. It’s more than I’ve done on other visits to our Greek island home. The plein air palette I purchased specifically for travel painting never made the trip with me. I was too stressed about where it would go in my bags that I couldn’t handle it. Next time.

All that being said, I have made a pact with myself. Posting to the blog must become a habit again. Rededicating my inner child artist once again to working at the easel regularly is the direction. Work isn’t going to happen by itself and the hustle has to pay off in the long run. The next art show is my focus and goal.

As long as I can continue in this manner we’ll be okay!

Fingers crossed..

A Morning in Greece

My morning  in Greece, a favorite spot to breathe.
My morning in Greece, a favorite spot to breathe.

Gathering my thoughts to best describe this special moment during our Greece visit has been difficult, the beauty in this morning alone time being one of the most beautiful in its simplicity, calm, and quietness.

Coffee in the early morning, sweet koulourakia, my book, the shady, quiet balcony, and the view. Heaven.

The words we might use to describe a place, an emotion, or a sense of being maybe comes easier to some people than others.

Writers and poets are, obviously, best at the written word. Painters and photographers are in the visual realm of these arts. And so, as the artist I had to take this photograph of my favorite place at our Greek island home.

The one word that keeps popping up in my head is, dazzling.

I know, it’s a word with sparkle, but I’m using this word to explain how the light in Greece makes everything sharp and clear, still and energetic at the same time.

It’s Raining Here But I’m Daydreaming of Somewhere Else

So, it’s a rainy and cold Monday here in New York. I don’t feel like doing anything I’m supposed to be working on. Something has to get done, but Mr. Resistance is looking at me giving me the side eye. The Muse won’t be hovering anywhere near me because, as usual, I’m not at my desk.

What else is new?

Here I am, at the computer, wasting time, in my opinion. Yes, there’s the networking stuff that has to get done, but I’m just not into it.

I’m busy daydreaming. I’m somewhere else in my head. I’m here:

Son#1 plays traditional Greek music here in N.Y. and around the country. He’s gotten really good at it and has had the opportunity to play his various Greek instruments with some top Greek artists. I’m proud of him to say the least.

He had the chance to play on a new song last year and it’s just been released as a single. It’s on iTunes and you can buy it if you like it.

When I heard the music for the first time it gave me chills and tears of pride. His name is even in the credits and there’s a photo of him playing his instrument, a lyra. I had a “That’s my kid!” moment. It’s so exciting to me.

This song reminds me of summer vacation in Greece, the sea, the sun, the deep blue waters of the islands, and the rest.

For right now, I’m on vacation. It could rain outside all day long, but if I listen to my son’s song I could be sailing to the island on a sunny, warm Aegean day, watching the waves of the deep blue water, seeing the white houses dotting the villages, the low mountains with churches and monasteries up high.

Far away.