Marching in the Greek Independence Day Parade

Sunday was a beautiful day here in New York. Finally some sun, and a little bit of warmth. Perfect for me because I spent the day as a participant in the Greek Independence Day Parade in Manhattan on 5th Avenue. Greece began their war for independence from the Ottoman Turks in 1821 for their 400 years of slavery, on March 25. Yearly the parade celebrates this event close to the actual date. Usually we are all freezing as we wait to step off. Side streets in Manhattan pack amazing winds!

The Greek American Folklore Society
Since I was a kid, give or take one or two for whatever reason, I’ve marched in this parade. In recent years, as some of you might remember, my family and I march with the traditional Greek dance troupe we perform with. They have the most amazing authentic costumes, and it’s a treat to parade in all the finery. Most of the fine, more intricate pieces were originally wedding clothes, or for special occasions.



This year, in particular, was special for me because Son #1, Gorgeous and the Princess also marched. And the Princess, at two and a half years old, walked the whole parade from 64th to 79th Street in costume with her little Greek flag. Precious!

We had a wonderful time, but now it’s Monday and I’ve got to get back to work. Another week of fun and games with Mr. Resistance. Wish me luck.


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