A Morning in Greece

My morning  in Greece, a favorite spot to breathe.
My morning in Greece, a favorite spot to breathe.

Gathering my thoughts to best describe this special moment during our Greece visit has been difficult, the beauty in this morning alone time being one of the most beautiful in its simplicity, calm, and quietness.

Coffee in the early morning, sweet koulourakia, my book, the shady, quiet balcony, and the view. Heaven.

The words we might use to describe a place, an emotion, or a sense of being maybe comes easier to some people than others.

Writers and poets are, obviously, best at the written word. Painters and photographers are in the visual realm of these arts. And so, as the artist I had to take this photograph of my favorite place at our Greek island home.

The one word that keeps popping up in my head is, dazzling.

I know, it’s a word with sparkle, but I’m using this word to explain how the light in Greece makes everything sharp and clear, still and energetic at the same time.

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Author: Dora Sislian Themelis

As a fine artist, I paint, knit, and make jewelry, to figure it all out.

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